Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome! Anybody out there?

Hello out there out there in the internet abyss! Crickets? Nobody's reading yet? Okay! I should probably introduce myself; let you know who I am, sort of.

I am a fourth year university student at a relatively prominent Canadian university. That's all you'll get about me, at least for now. However, you will find out more about the purpose of this blog. After living for three, going on four years in a dorm I've decided that dorm living is it's own little microcosm. It's unique.

Unique doesn't necessarily mean good; it simply means that this is an experience unlike most. How many times will I have the chance to live among people who are all around the same age as me, all go to the same school and yet come from such different backgrounds?

Dorm life has its ups and downs; parties, fights, all those lovely stereotypes. I'm hoping to document my experience of the last year...or more... of my degree and maybe highlight some of the highs and lows for all you (eventual?) readers. All the while remaining sane (as for chic, who am I kidding, valiant efforts undermined by olive green closets and the ubiquitous sweatpants abound).

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