Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring in the Air?

Could it finally be spring? After weeks of stormy weather and freak snow incidents has spring arrived? The weather today certainly points towards that possibility...although I'm still skeptical.

Either way, the weather today is gorgeous, so I've put together an outfit for it. Not something I have, but in my ideal, credit card debt-less world, something I would purchase. I am a consumer whore, who knew. Anyways, I thought about wearing something fun and colourful today before realizing my wardrobe was all black. So here it is.

First off, this ocean flow teal wrap dress from Ruche is so pretty. I love the bright teal, perfect for such a sunny day.

Pair that with these wedge peep toes from H&M along with a few accessories and a grey cardigan, you're good to go!

So does the weather changing inspire new outfit ideas for you? And yes, this is just an excuse to not clean my room! 

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