Monday, May 9, 2011

Job Hunting

So I think my major problem with job hunting is that I get caught up with the things that don't really matter until I actually send a resume out, things like what to wear to an interview. Obviously, that's not a problem unless I actually get an interview which won't happen if I never send out a resume.

That having been said, I did manage to land an internship in my field this summer. Unpaid of course. But the networking opportunities have to be worth something right? I would like something to fill up my time and give me some money though. So I'm still looking, still applying, still hoping that someone somewhere will like my resume enough to overlook my ridiculous schedule. Let's hope this mystery boss is actually out there. Maybe one day I'll  be able to buy some of the products I post on this blog.

...........Paying my rent and buying food would be nice too though.

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