Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Week

I'm back in the full swing of this point everybody and it's not too bad yet. But it is eating up a good chunk of my time. I wish I had interesting adventures to tell you about or amazing design feats accomplished. Sadly my week has been fairly monotonous. The most colourful part of it has been the highlighters I'm using to take notes with. Even my post-its have been relegated to the back of the drawer for now. This post was supposed to go up midweek, but at some point during my sleep deprived nights I misplaced the cord that attaches my camera to my computer. So here it is now. My week in pictures everybody, hold onto your hats!

First up, the notes, the agenda. It's so exciting you can hardly breathe! Right! ...Right? Notice the poor quality lighting, perfect for eyestrain.
But by midweek things were looking up! The mail arrived. Two packages filled with free books! Yes, this was definitely the highlight of my week.
I started putting things up on my wall. No frames, a few show posters, but it's a start. There's still a lot of blank space so at this point I'm hoping to just sort of fill it up collage style with colour. Maybe some more show posters, maybe some prints and coloured fabric. Whatever I can find. 

So that's my week pretty much summed up. Hopefully I'll have more to share next week. Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

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