Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Inspiration

So the holidays are over; I packed up the decorations today. The baking is almost all gone and our final family birthday is taking place this evening. Let me tell you one thing, I am tired. Definitely too tired to start on one of the many projects I have in mind for the new year. However, I'm not too tired to look for some design inspiration. I just love looking at other people's ideas to see how they can look in my place. So to tide you all over for the day here are some beautiful pictures that I've found around the internet.
This bedroom is from the Canadian House and Home website. I love the use of neutrals with just a pop of pink for some added colour. I also think the chandelier is an interesting touch; it's sleek. A small space like a dorm room can incorporate some of these ideas. Hanging your own chandelier is highly unrealistic, but the colour scheme is easy to recreate.
This next bedroom was found via the Lovely Undergrad. I love the use of light which is something easily emulated in a dorm room. I also love the clean lines. I desperately want that alarm clock, so much cuter than my cellphone alarm.
This dorm room featured on the Refinery 29 website is a lot bigger than  mine (I could never fit a lamp, let alone a Greek column in my room), but again I think elements of this design can work anywhere. I like how pictures are grouped together. I think it's a little more personal than buying one huge poster to cover up a wall.
Another dorm room featured on Refinery 29, I love the wall art. They used Wall Pops, which are stickers for the wall, to create the stripes. I've been looking into decals for my walls to add some colour. I think this is a brilliant way to get around the fact that you can't paint the walls.

These images have really inspired me to create something beautiful out of my room. I would love to incorporate these images into my design. I think finding things that inspire you is a good first step to design. Now I just need to work on the follow through.

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  1. So I'm thinking of using some kind of spike tape to create a pattern on my wall, or washi tape. Does anybody know anything about them? Will they leave a residue when I move out since they're not meant for the wall? And what do you all do to spruce up your walls? Sorry these didn't make it into the post itself.